Francesca Ferrando

Francesca Ferrando, Ph.D. (pronouns: they/them) is a leading voice in the field of Posthuman Studies. They teach Philosophy at New York University (US), NYU-Program of Liberal Studies. Dr. Ferrando is the author of several awarded publications, including Philosophical Posthumanism (Bloomsbury). Their upcoming book is The Art of Being Posthuman (Polity); their work has been translated into a dozen languages, including (in alphabetic order): Chinese (Mandarin), German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Urdu.

Dr. Ferrando is the Founder of the Global Posthuman Network. In the history of TED talks, they were the first speaker to give a talk on the subject of the posthuman. Dr. Ferrando has delivered more than 100 keynotes and lectures in international institutions, such as: Harvard University, Princeton University, and the Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators (APCORE). More info: