Rubén Peinado Abarrio

Rubén Peinado-Abarrio teaches at the Department of English and German of the University of Zaragoza. His current research interests include conceptualisations of contemporary subjectivity, critical posthumanism, and fragmented narratives.

He earned his PhD in English Studies at the University of Oviedo (2013). His doctoral work led to the publication of his first monograph, Learning to be American: Richard Ford’s Frank Bascombe Trilogy and the Construction of a National Identity (Valencia University Press, 2014). He has continued publishing on Richard Ford (“Richard Ford’s Frank Bascombe as an American Everyman,” Miscelánea, 2014; “Slavery as National Trauma in Richard Ford’s ‘Everything Could Be Worse’,” Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos, 2021; “Ford, Richard,” The Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Fiction: 1980-2020, 2022), as well as articles on fragmentation and citation in recent novels by women (“‘Fragmented and bewildering:’ The New Risk Society in Jenny Offill’s Weather,” Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos, 2022; “Disappropriation and Composting in Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive,” Complutense Journal of English Studies, 2022), war and diaspora (“A Geography of the Soul: The Displaced and the City in the Work of Aleksandar Hemon,” Literature Compass, 2022), masculinities and whiteness (“Of Monsters and Men: Masculinities in HBO’s Carnivàle,” Oceánide, 2017; “’He United the States of America:’ Exclusionary Historiography in HBO’s John Adams,” SPIEL, 2016), and racial representation and racial formation (“‘Like Refugees in Their Own Country:’ Racial Formation in Post-Katrina US,” Odisea, 2012). His publications also include book chapters on Aleksandar Hemon and Roberto Bolaño (“La estética del trauma en la literatura posnacional de Roberto Bolaño y Aleksandar Hemon,” 2019), and James Ellroy (“Between Althusser and Foucault: Power Relations in James Ellroy’s ‘Underworld USA’ Trilogy,” 2018).  

Rubén has also been a postgraduate student and Teaching Assistant at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has taught at the University of Ireland, Galway; the University of Kent, Canterbury; the University of Manchester, and the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

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