Kevin LaGrandeur

Dr. Kevin LaGrandeur is Director of Research for the Global Institute for AI Ethics, Professor Emeritus at NYIT, Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology, co-founder of the NY Posthuman Research Group, and Advisory Board Member of the Lifeboat Foundation (which seeks ways to promote safe development of new technology). He specializes in technology and culture, ethics, and education. Dr. LaGrandeur is a member of the founding editorial boards of two journals: AI and Ethics, and the Journal of Posthumanism. As well, he is on the founding editorial board of the book series Critical Posthuman and Citizenship Studies, by the publisher Rowman and Littlefield. He has published more than 50 articles and media productions, in both professional venues and the popular press, and 2 books: Artificial Slaves (2013), which won a 2014 Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies Prize, and Surviving the Machine Age (2017), with sociologist James Hughes.